Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Exclusive Perks for Superlative Apes Holders

Owning a Superlative Ape isn’t just about holding a piece of digital art—it’s about being part of a vibrant and exclusive community that offers a plethora of benefits and opportunities. Here are the unique perks that come with your Superlative Apes NFT:

1. Global Tour Access

Join us on our global journey as we host events in cities around the world. As a holder, you get exclusive access to our events where you can meet other community members, collaborate with artists, and participate in live art sessions.

2. Metaverse Gallery Entries

Step into the future of digital exhibitions with our Metaverse Gallery. Display your Superlative Apes, trade them, or purchase new pieces from upcoming artists. Our virtual gallery is a space for creativity, interaction, and growth.

3. Merchandise Discounts

Enjoy special discounts on Superlative Apes merchandise, including limited edition apparel and accessories. Our merch store features high-quality products that celebrate the art and ethos of our community.

4. Exclusive Voting Rights

Your voice matters! Get involved in decision-making processes with exclusive voting rights on various aspects of the project’s future. From selecting collaboration artists to choosing charitable causes, your input directly shapes the trajectory of Superlative Apes.

5. Creative and Commercial Rights

Gain full creative and commercial rights over your NFT. Use your Superlative Ape in personal projects, commercial endeavors, or as your digital identity across platforms and communities.

6. Early Access to New Drops and Collaborations

Be the first to know and participate in new NFT drops and collaborations. Our members receive early notifications and exclusive pre-sale access to ensure they don’t miss out on limited edition releases.

7. Community Wallet Benefits

A portion of all secondary sales fees is returned to the community wallet. These funds are used for community-driven initiatives, rewards, and enhancements, ensuring continuous value addition for our members.

8. Philanthropic Impact

Join us in making a difference. A part of our earnings goes towards global charitable causes. By being a part of Superlative Apes, you contribute to impactful projects that make the world a better place.

Join the Family

Ready to enjoy these benefits and more? Become a Superlative Ape holder today and be part of a community that values art, innovation, and collective growth. Visit our Marketplace or contact us to learn more about acquiring your very own Superlative Ape.